Contribute generously towards Islamic Online University

Please contribute towards this cause and earn a priceless reward. Support this effort from which you have benefitted yourself.
You may also give your Zakaah to the Islamic Online University. Zakaah donations will be used to cover the running costs of the IOU which is offering free diploma courses to over 60,000 students from 207 countries globally, detailed information may be found here
After making a contribution we request you to send a copy of the donation transfer receipt to
You may contribute by the following method

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Other ways to help: 1. Make du'aa that Allaah accept this effort, sustain it and give it more success.
2. Spread the word around of this appeal and of the Free courses, by any means at your disposal: word of mouth, email, embedding the video on your blog or website etc.
3. If you have skills which the IOU could benefit from, volunteer to work for the IOU by clicking here